Chris Christie,bully, bufoon or bastard?

In light of the Fort Lee, New Jersey bridge closing as a result of a vindictive action coming directly from Governor Christie’s chief of staff and Port Authority executive David Wildstein ( a Christie appointment) as of this posting it appears that the bully governor had nothing to do with this unprecedented action. These two morons are gone, one resigned, one was fired. What the hell were they thinking?

This was done as payback to Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich who did not endorse Gov. Christie’s November re-election. Gov. Christie won by a landslide so it is not like he needed another endorsement.

People are tired of seeing cookie cutter puppets in office, politicians that do not answer a question without consulting a lawyer, a focus group, a public relations guru, a priest, a rabbi and a fortune teller. Christie’s popularity is based on his honest off the cuff answers and no nonsense approach to questions and problems. Should it be found that he knew absolutely NOTHING of this planned event, he should get a pass.

However since the investigation is not over, if any proof surfaces of communication between the Guv’nor and Port Authority Chairman David Samson over the planned “traffic problems” aimed at Fort Lee, the Governor should be relieved of his duties immediatly and if any laws were broken he should be charged along with his minions.

Will this hurt Christie’s 2016 presidential aspirations? Time will tell.

If you have not figured it out by now, the party involved in this is the Republican party, those stalwarts of fair play. Had this been a democratic disaster, I would have written the same column, wrong is wrong.

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Miami Marlins, same old money grab & bullshit.

Well baseball aficionados the Miami Marlins management is doing the old three card  shuffle under the guise of “bettering” the roster but really just shedding salary as usual.

You say smart business decision? Smart money management ? I say fattening the wallets which is fine as long as you put some money back in payroll and not try to field a minor league team in  a Major League stadium and league.

It’s not enough Marlins management got half their stadium paid by the taxpayers of Miami-Dade county. Its not enough the get revenue from parking and concessions. The salary shed under the guise of improving the team and they are really fielding a bunch of minor leaguers, castoffs and bargain basement retreads.

Case in point on Saturday December 14th the Marlins traded Logan Morrison. President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill was quoted as saying “We felt we needed to upgrade, six home runs and 36 RBI from Logan was not going to get us where we are going.”

He was traded for Carter Capps, a reliever no one has heard of who wont be eligible for arbitration for another two years, hmmmmmmmmm?

Here is the thing the previous day the Marlins traded away Justin Ruggiano who coincidentally hit 18 home runs and drove in 50 RBI in only 128 games. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

So why would they make that move since they traded Morrisson the day after because he did not hit enough home runs or drive in enough runs? Because by trading Ruggiano they saved One million in salary and Ruggiano  is an arbitration eligible veteran, the bane of the Marlins front office, track their trading history, anytime anyone is arbitration eligible they get rid of them faster that a dealer gets rid of his crack rocks when the cops pass by.

The next disaster will be when Mike Stanton, the only real player they have comes up for arbitration. They will get rid of him for a bunch of no-names and minor leaguers and we’ll hear the words, new direction, market adjustment or the dreaded “rebuilding”.

Based on the Marlins attendance in 2013 I think the fans can see thru the management’s bullshit. They had two for one tickets towards the end of the year to attract more clients, I wouldn’t go to a Marlins game if they were giving out blowjobs and free beer.

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Texa$ teen affluenza defense, really?

This week a Fort Worth Texas judge gift wrapped a sentence of ten years of probation to a rich snot nosed 16 year old who killed four people while driving under the influence.

The little Texas prick had tremendous lawyers who brought in a psychologist who testified that little junior came from wealth so his parents taught him that wealth brought privilege. Nice job Mom and Dad, hope the next one junior kills while under the influence is one of you family members in your driveway, that would be poetic justice.

I know that those lawyers were paid to do just that, defend junior but to get him off with just probation? I would normally add here that I hope those lawyers have a conscience but that would be like asking a piranha not to devour flesh.

Hope the karma wheel comes around eventually and crushes junior under its weight.


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You tube video on tire care

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GOP in suicide mode

Now comes RNC chairman Reince Prebus to threaten NBC & CNN with ommission from the Republican debates and convention if they run a mini series on Hillary Clinton.

The Grand Obstruction Party as it should now be called is painting themselves into a corner of which oblivion is going to be the only option left for them. The have alienated, women, African- Americans, Hispanics, the elderly, students, the homeless, the poor, the disenfranchised, gays and anyone that does not agree with their right wing, ultra conservative, holier than thou obstructionist ways.

I am surprised the media as a whole has not made an uproar out of this. Actions like this remind you of despots like Stalin, Castro, Chavez, Pol Pot and others in whose countries the media was shut down  when things do not go to their liking. Why its almost communist or socialist like if you ask me.

What all media should do is say none of them will cover the Republicans if any one of them is barred from coverage, yes its called a bluff but I would like to see who blinks first.

They did not see the writing on the wall on the last election and they have voted against Obamacare  forty times  but have not voted for a jobs bill once! I predict in the next ten year we will see a turning of the worm when the young generation shuns this party like a bad rash. I switched to the Democraic party this year because I was revulsed at the actions of the GOP. They are heartless and only answer to corporations and rich old white men who want to push their old out of touch agenda to the rest of the country.

I am all for capitalism after all this great country was built on it but you must have compassion for those who need help and you must allow for all points of view even if you do not agree with some of them. I hope they have a wake up call, some Republicans are good decent people.

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Now that the latest trial of the century is over here are my thoughts and observations: I was shocked that GZ was not charged with at least culpable negligence. I have served on a Grand Jury in Florida and  prosecutors give the jurors a list of the charges against the defendant and you must match the requirements with the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Was GZ wrong in following Martin when the police dispatcher told him not to ? Yes he was but that did not break any law other than the law of stupidity and common sense.

Did Martin start the fight by punching GZ? We do not know, we have to take GZ’s word for it. GZ did not punch his own nose.

Did the kid have a propensity for violence? It appears that based on his school record and tweets to his friends, yes. Was the kid a wannabe gangster? It appears based on his You Tube videos that he wanted to be. This is no crime or reason to be shot.

Did the kid  lack common sense by not telling GZ ” hey my dad lives over there, follow me to his house if you do not believe I belong in this neighborhood” it appears that did not happen.

It appears that if both men had used common sense instead of testosterone fueled actions this tragedy could have been averted.

I have a concealed weapons permit and if  anyone was  trying to pound my head on concrete I would pull the trigger without remorse.

The jury of six women must be commended for their careful consideration of the charges and their verdict.

If the race card is brought up it works both ways, while GZ did not mention the N word he did say to the dispatcher that “they ” always get away with things. And Martin told his friend that a “cracker” was following him. I remind everyone that GZ i

s half hispanic so it was not a white on black crime.

I am sure we have not heard the last of this, the Justice Department is looking into the case to see if any civil rights violations occurred. And there is the civil trial to follow, shades of Goldman v.s. O.J.Simpson damages to come .

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Ariel Castro, incredible !

In one of the more brazen and unbelievable attorney defense salvos ever lobbed at the media the “counselors” for “alleged” Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro said that he is not a monster and that he is being “demonized” before they know the whole story.

Let’s look at the facts: Three women were kidnapped then chained and kept prisoner for years at his house. The women allegedly were beaten and abused by Castro. One of the women had a child which according to DNA tests Castro is the father.

There is nothing to be alleged here, it happened, he did it and for his attorneys to  have the nerve to say the following ” The initial portrayal of him is quote “a monster” and that is not the impression that I got” Said Craig Weintraub one of Castro’s attorneys. Is an insult to the women and most of mankind. That attorney must use seeing eye dogs if he did not get that impression of Castro.

Co-counsel Jaye Schlachet said:”He is a human being but what is offensive is that the women and the media want to demonize this man before they know the whole story and I think its unfair and not equitable. ” What “human being” does this to girls?  Really, what’s the whole story? He was doing research? Scientific experiments? I dont know how some attorneys like this go to bed at night and have no trouble falling asleep.

Really? demonize him? not fair? really? Hmmmm lets see kidnapping, prisoner, forcible sex, rape? It’s unfair to treat this asshole as a monster? To demonize him ? He should be shot or electrocuted as quickly as possible. His attorneys should be ashamed to try to bring that up as a defense. How can these attorneys even have a conscience? Wait, they are defense attorneys, they have no conscience.

I hope they do not waste the taxpayers money on a lengthy trial. They need to put this scumbag in jail as soon as possible and hopefully try to get the death penalty since there appears that some of the girls might have had babies and that they might have been disposed of, allegedly of course.




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