Trump versus ISIS

So the Donald is like the neighborhood bully who is all full of talk but very little substance.

He says he will take care of the problem without explanation of how he will. Keep in mind the current President has a plan in place right NOW that is bombing Isis strongholds on a daily basis with the help of our allies.

So what Donald? what will you do differently? Fire them? Not pay them? Stiff them like he has small companies he’s hired  and offer them thirty cents on the dollar for their services? Berate them? Bullshit them? Distract them? Send his army of lawyers and accountants after them? Sue them?

Send the armed services at them? Hopefully there will be enough people to do that unless everyone asks for deferments like the five Donald had during Vietnam.

Does this megalomaniac think he is going to scare these lunatics? These people are ruthless and how can you defend against people that are willing to strap a bomb  on their ass and take the ultimate one for the team?

Sure we had a T.V. star as a president before but Saint Reagan was guvnor of California first and he had a team of professionals around him with Nancy and her astrologer as backup. Who does Donald have? Omarosa and his kids?  Gary Busey? Scott Baio? underwear model Antonio Sabate Jr?  Ann B. Davis? Uncle Charley? Kato Kaelin? Urkel? Sheldon Cooper?

Is the Donald even going to have a cabinet? He said at the RNC that he had all the answers and the he and he only could solve the problems we had. Well shit those cabinet meetings will be very short and sweet.

If he wins will there be a Playboy magazine with spread of the first lady?  Could the first lady be the first to be a Playmate of the Month candidate?

Are Frank and Claire Underwood of House of Cards coming to life in the Trump’s or are they the Clinton’s? This will be a seminal election, the way America rolls for the next few decades will be decided here.

Will the GOP rue the day they blocked Obama’s Scotus nomination of Merrick Garland as a moderate? The GOP is so arrogant they will win the Presidency that they have held this off until after the election.  If and when Hillary wins she will nominate someone further to the left than Garland. What will the grey old party do then? They are so out of touch with the real world that they are caught in a 1950’s time warp.

HST 7/28





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Clinton versus Trump

Look kids now that its time for the major leaguers since the posers (Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Martin O’Malley, John Kasich) the wannabees ( Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina) the clueless (Ben Carson, Jeb Bush) and the mensch (Bernie Sanders) are done.It’s time to clear the ring and let the heavyweights  thru the ropes.

Sure the Dragon Lady and the Ego have the most negative approval ratings of any two candidates to ever run for president but what can you do with two who both feel ordained to run and win? One of them is going to be in for a HUGE disappointment, HUGE let me tell you.

If Hillary loses I will feel sorry for Bill. If the Donald loses I feel sorry for all the comedians who are currently planning a career around his presidency. However I do not think Hillary will lose, here’s why: In spite of the polarizing figure that is Hillary she stood by Bill thru Monica-gate, got thru the GOP circus known as Benghazi hearings, made it thru the FBI e mail investigations and took every blow from Bernie and survived.

It’s more than the Donald only has the uneducated white trash vote, the misogynist ,the xenophobic vote and  the racist vote. He does not have the black vote, the women’s vote or  the Hispanic vote. The bible thumpers? hmmmmm……on one hand he’s been married three times and divorced twice but the thumpers have to vote GOP or they will burn in hell if they don’t.

So if you have heard of the lesser of two evils vote, this is it. Cant vote Libertarian, they are so far off the grid they make Star Trek convention fans look like average white folk. The Green Party while espousing a great cause have the “Q” rating of well, the Libertarians or for those of you who don’t get it the pizzazz and excitement of a party at Mitt Romney’s hacienda.

So don’t vote? No, you are playing right into their hands, so vote even if your candidate is out of it (Bernie’s fans) vote, its a privilege ask the people that live in Communist countries or live in a country ruled by a dictator.

Here’s the crazy part, they don’t even have their vice president candidates picked yet, more fun to follow……….

HST 7/12/16






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GOP Latinos? surely you jest

An article came out recently in the Tribune family of newspapers lamenting the fact that the GOP is fearful that the Donald’s divisive campaign will drive Latino voters away from the GOP for decades to come.

Here is the irony: the GOP has been driving away Latino voters way before the Donald came along. They are clueless that their non inclusive rhetoric cutting food stamps, welfare, public housing, trying to gut Obamacare, gutting social services and looking out for the rich has ALREADY turned off a generation of Latinos. Let alone their treatment of veterans.

I remember as a child the household would never ever vote Democratic but boy have times have changed. No one group is more religious than the Latins but they do not try to run their religious beliefs down people’s throats.

Remember the GOP’s embrace of Proposition 187 in California back in 90’s ? It helped turned that state around to Democratic presidential votes ever since.

And of course the Trumpster has not helped calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers and saying he will build a wall.

The party allowed Mitt Romney who ironically is of Mexican heritage to spew forth in 2012 when he was running for President  he suggested “self deportation” for illegal immigration back then and they are worried NOW that they might be losing the Latino vote?

Newsflash: you lily white crackers looking out for only big business, Billionaires, Wall Street and the 1% have only yourselves to blame for losing the Latino vote, best of luck getting them back in the next twenty or thirty years.

HST 6/14/16







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Bernie media bias

In yesterday’s Indiana primary all the cable channels could talk about was Trump,Trump,Trump. hardly a mention of Bernie’s upset of Hillary.

In fact the day before the Indiana primary in a Associated Press article by Thomas Beaumont and Steve Peoples here is what they wrote about Bernie: New signs emerged that front-runner Hillary Clinton’s rival is fading as well. They don’t mention said signs. Imagine that! How did they get these signs? Tea leaves? Coconut shells? Signals from outer space? The lady psychic from New Jersey?

Furthermore the two Woodward and Bernstein wannabees wrote: His total of $25.8 million raised last month is a marked decline from the $46 million collected in March. Collecting $25.8 in one month is not chopped liver my friends considering they are small donations from regular folks, not Super PACS or shady PACS.

They also wrote: Polls suggest a tight race. Bernie not only upset Brunhilda but not even close, with at least a 6% margin. I hope CNN does not come out with a headline saying: “BERNIE SURVIVES DEVASTATING WIN IN INDIANA”

It’s evident that Bernie is not a sexy or polarizing candidate so the cable channels and news outlets deep in their hearts do not want him to beat Hillary. Trump gets people worked up with his bombastic diatribes and Hillary is polarizing so they have a better “Q” rating than plain soft spoken Bernie.

The western states are coming soon, I think Bernie will do better than the so called “experts” call it.

The headline in the Palm Beach Post this morning was “Trump ousts Cruz” No headline about Bernie’s upset.Imagine that!




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Super Tuesday 4/26 or fear and loathing in the Northeast

So the Donald takes all five states even after the misguided collaboration between John “I need a personality transfusion” Kasich and Ted ” why doesn’t anyone like me” Cruz that they tried this week.

It was a backdoor deal to split delegates in upcoming states between them. It did smell of desperation and panic. The problem is in spite of winning some states Cruz couldn’t get elected in a whorehouse if he was holding fistfuls of Benjamins. He is smarmy, self aggrandizing, obnoxious and self serving. And those are his good qualities.

Kasich speaks well, has tried to stay above the muck but has the appeal of wet paint. Now I am not a Donald fan. At first I liked a businessman running for the highest office in the land  but he lends or licenses his name to deals like Trump U, Trump steaks, Trump vodka without doing due diligence on the people running these companies. I am surprised there’s not Trump Condoms with tag lines of They’re HUGE, You’ve never felt more fantastic, They are Incredible!

And I know he used the “system” in place for bankruptcies but how successful are you if you have filed at least four times for that? Why is Trump U being sued? Come on Donald, if it has your name on it make sure it is legit and the “best” as you always boast you blowhard.

Cruz is so transparent that he came dead last today in the Northeast. Even Kasich got more votes than he did. Looks like he will not get any delegates in the Northeast. Even the touted evangelical/conservative voters voted overwhelmingly for  Trump. I hope Ted gets the message, he is like the unpopular kid in High School who tried and tried to get into the cool/popular crowd and was rebuffed over and over but he would not go away.

This is at the same time the most interesting political race in a long time as well as being the most stomach wrenching. Looking forward to the GOP convention, it will have more twists, turns and skullduggery than a John Le Carre’ novel.

As far as the Dems go, Hillary’s machine is in full mode but Bernie wont go away like a bad rash. Hillary is full of platitudes and sob stories. Bernie offers solutions. Solutions that cant be paid for but solutions. Hillary is for fracking and fossil fuels and Bernie is not. Hillary will “fight for you” but offers no solutions

Looking forward to the conventions and November, no matter who wins it will be a seminal moment in American politics. Too bad HST isn’t around to report on it.






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GOP versus Donald Trump

Well kids its official: the Grey Old Party has panicked at the results The Donald has accomplished on Super Tuesday.He won seven states handily and the GOP’s anointed future: Ted “No one likes me in Washington” Cruz and Marco “Koch Brothers puppet” Rubio did not do well.

What is mind boggling is that The Donald is a sure lock to win the GOP clown car nomination and the party wants nothing to do with him because he is his own man and he wont listen to the party, he wont do what they want and he wont jackboot in step with the RNC’s program.

The GOP rolled out Mitt “stiff as a board” Romney to denigrate The Donald. Mitt, a man who cant curse because of his religion and in a street fight wouldn’t last one minute. The Donald is a proven street-fighter growing up in the dog eat dog business world of New York, he will piss on Mitt’s shoes, kick him in the ass and make him cry “uncle”.

Sure he is boorish, misogynistic, uncouth,anti immigrant, buffoonish and has a poor track record of failed or sued businesses but The Donald  has hit a nerve in that he is actually saying things out loud that a lot of people think. He is not “politically correct” he does not act like a politician which is refreshing and he is the only true “outsider” in either race. He is beholden to no super PAC or money men.Cruz and Sanders act like they are outsiders but they are not. Sure he talks more shit than a junkie on an eight-ball but people like what he says and more importantly how he says it. He is going to be the “Ugly American” half the world is going to shun him but I am sure he will tell that half to kiss his ass.

The GOP doesn’t realize they are playing right into The Donald’s plan. If they try to block him or broker the convention he will have more sympathy on his side and he will come out swinging that he is fighting the “establishment”. If they succeed in blocking his nomination, he will go independent and the GOP will not have a leg to stand on let alone a viable candidate. Cruz? Rubio? Kasich? Larry? Moe? Curly? come on these guys would put a crack addict to sleep.

This will change politics for a long time, its roll up your sleeves and slug it out from now on, no gentlemanly discourse, no class, it will be like a WWE steel cage match. The clown car is skidding on thin ice and heading towards the abyss. And if you are thinking, no I wont vote for him.                                                                                                                                        HST.

Yours truly from Florida.


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Dear Donald

As promised I am devoting this space just for The Donald. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Captain of Industry, successful real estate mogul, brand promoter, aggressive developer, shameless self promoter, no nonsense attitude, speaks his mind, reality television star, serial adulterer, blowhard,  bankruptcy king,panderer ( I know, what politician isn’t?)Please feel free to add anything that you think I might have missed. Racist? Misogynist? Opportunist? Bully?

When I first heard he proposed his candidacy I was excited to have a no nonsense businessman running. I thought it was what we needed. After hearing some of the ugly things coming out of his his mouth I wondered if the GOP had actually vetted this guy.

He actually fits in to the new GOP that has morphed in the last eight years. Against immigrants,  for tax breaks to the rich, screw the middle class and step on the poor, homeless and disenfranchised. Climate change is not even in the GOP playbook.

Some conspiracy nuts think the Donald is a plot from the Clinton’s and the Illuminati to hand the presidency to Queen Hillary, I know, sounds outrageous doesn’t it?

I’ve met the Donald once at a charity event at Mar A Lago a few years back. We happened to be in the men’s room at the same time and when we came out of there  a volunteer was waiting for him because there was a problem with the seating on the stage.

He raked this lady over the coals over something minor, had her in tears. I though then he was an blowhard, now I am sure of it. If he gets elected which I doubt, will he become “The Ugly American” blustering, swinging his dick all over the world talking bullshit and alienating our allies?

If he thinks he can take on Putin, he is an amateur compared to that guy.

Interestingly enough he lost the Iowa caucus recently after crowing that he was going to win in a landslide. Then crying like a schoolgirl when he came in second. Ah politics, what would the pundits do without it.

All comedians must be lighting novenas daily to keep the Donald in the race, easy pickings for the jokes if you ask me.

in memory of HST




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