Stupid questions……..churlish answers

Why do zombies in movies and television walk like they are spastic?  Why is everyone afraid of them? You can outrun them.Answer if you can.

When calling American companies’ customer support ( there’s an oxymoron for you) why do you have someone with an accent on the other end and they read from a script? I like it when I am speaking with someone with an accent who could be any of the following; Indian, from India not a Cherokee, a Pakistani accent, Oriental or even from Zafranistan and I can barely understand them.  This is the way it goes:

Me: I am having a problem with ( fill in the blank, software, misssing pieces of whatever you ordered, missing instructions, unreadable instructions) and I need some help.

Customer service person who has identified themselves with an Anglo name like Bob or Tammy or Kevin or Cathy, who has an accent thicker than my grandmothers’ and sounds like they are in Calcutta or Kandahar or Croatia: “Yes I am so sorry, I will help you today to solve your problem”

No they wont, if it is not on their script, they cant solve it. I have about given up calling my cable provider ( Comcast) on the weekends because, I cant understand their CS people and again its “wait ,I will be right back with your solution” they have to go to the script or worse yet talk to whoever is in charge. Ha, I can tell you what their scripts says. Unplug your cable box for thirty seconds, next solution, they will send a refresh signal to the cable box which never works or they can send a technician out the second Tuesday of the month between six a.m. and one p.m. if the tide is right and the moon is in the seventh hour. The real solution is to get another cable box. Been there, done that.

When did banks start hiring lame and the dense for drive up tellers? Remember when banking and being a teller was a prestigious profession? Now they have these kids that look like they just graduated from high school.

Speaking of banks, what happened in the lobby? Now its one teller behind the counter who is doing double duty helping at the drive thru and the “suit” in the lobby looks like they just got hired from the temp labor pool.

Next Brainiacs behind the counter. Pick’em: fast food joints, mall food kiosks, auto part stores. You either get the vapid glazed look of indifference or it’s the social hour and they are interacting with other employees or clerks from other stores who are stopping by on their break, everyone but you of course. Is the workforce that weak?

We have a local municipality in South Florida called Lake Worth. Their city employees in the utilities department and planning and zoning departments have such disdain for the public that the stories of indifference are legendary. Why do they act this way? The citizens pay for their salaries.

Why do people have disrespect for law enforcement? Man, if an officer tells you to stop and obey, do so, they have the pepper spray, Tasers, and guns. You are outgunned, literally. Sure there are bad cops, but a lot more good ones than bad.

Why do restaurants hire the tattooed and the pierced as servers? At a cool or chic place I can understand but I don’t want to be served breakfast by someone who looks like they work the Tilt A Whirl at the carnival or they just got out of rehab. I have tattoos, some of my kids have piercings and tattoos, so it’s not like we are prudes.

On take out food: Why do you order, they tell you it will be ready in twenty minutes, you time it perfectly and when you get there you hear those seven dreaded words: it will be just a few minutes. Worst  offenders: Chinese restaurants,yes, just based on my experience so sue me.

Appointments:  Why do so called professional sales persons hound you to sell you their services?  You make time to see them and they do not get to you on the time agreed on. Some call you to tell you they will be late, some don’t. Of course don’t get me started on the cable or phone company technician showing up between the hours of eight a.m. to one p.m.

Hairdressers:  If you have an appointment and they are not ready they are poor planners or they were greedy and squeezed someone in before you. Why go back to them?

Doctors:  Why do they overbook? It’s not like there is a shortage of sick people. When I go to my Doctor if they don’t see me within fifteen minutes of my appointment I simply get up and leave. They know me by now, if they are running behind they give me the option of coming back or rescheduling for another day.

What’s you pet peeve? Don’t be shy.

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Fifty shades of ………meh

The buzz and hoopla over the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey reached epic proportions in the week of its opening. The Today Show had events the entire week, the public relations machine was running at full tilt.

I told the Missus that we would wait until the week after it opened so we would not be trampled by horny housewives dying to see the movie. After all they sold over 100 million copies of the book and it was translated into 52 languages. Which tells you there are no borders when it comes to frustrated women.

Now I did not read the book just some excerpts and my first thought was that the movie makers would have to tone down the movie or they would be flirting with an X rating therefore cutting the possible box office in half.

The trailers that we were teased with showed a semi handsome smoldering Grey played by Jamie Dornan and an intriguing bit of casting in Dakota Johnson. There did not appear to be a bit of chemistry in the trailers but I decided not to judge based on the shortness of the trailer.

Watching the movie I could not help but notice the closeups of Dornan were done in a way where his right eye looked bigger than his left. And by now I am sure people are having drink games where every time Dakota bites her lips, you have to take a shot of alcohol. Buy plenty of alcohol for this game.

Soft porn is what it turns out to be so I think middle America will watch the movie out of curiosity. I just knew they would not show the nitty gritty of a true BDSM relationship. Maybe they are saving it for  movie #2

As far as the chemistry, if you consider incessant lip biting and smoldering looks with a furrowed brow chemistry, then this movie is for you. And no spoiler alert but when the movie is over don’t be surprised to hear people go “HUH?”

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Dear Democrats, grow some balls

Dear Dems, now that the 2014 midterm elections are over and the majority of Democratic candidates running for office ran from Obama’s shadow like a scalded dog, shame on you and those of you who lost your races deserve it.

The pundits got it right, how could the Dems nationally and locally not praise, push, extoll and promote the growth from 2009 to 2014……..

+218% growth in the Dow

+250% growth in the S&P

+12.4 difference in GDP growth

25% drop in unemployment

+250% gain in consumer confidence

closeout of Iraq war

Death of Bin Laden

Negotiating with other leaders instead of saber rattling

How could you not promote all of that? It’s mindboggling.

It’s like high school, when the popular kids ostracized people, others tended to stay away from them so the popular kids wouldn’t turn on them and pick on them too. Obama is hated by   Gop’ers, Tea Partiers, conservatives, religious right, gun owners ( who six years later still haven’t had their guns taken away ) militias, crackers, skinheads and of course the Koch brothers. The Democrats didn’t have the balls to stand up to the bullies, protect their party, protect their president and promote all the good things that were accomplished the last six years when they had a majority in the House. Shame on you.

Sure, hate is a strong word but how do you explain the government shutdown just because the tea baggers didn’t get their way? How mean spirited do you have to be to cut veterans benefits, food stamps, and unemployment benefits just because you didn’t get your way? How can McConnell win reelection when he said his goal was to make Obama a one term president?

That gal that ran against Mitch (no-chin) Mc Connell wouldn’t even admit whether she voted for Obama, like she was ashamed. Shame on her. I voted for him and while he has disappointed me some, I am not ashamed.

I hope the 2016 elections are different, there is no shame in being a Democrat, hold your head high, you stand for something good, don’t let the bullies get to you. And for Pete’s sake hire a P.R. firm next time.

Ps: by the way I was a Republican until six years ago when I switched to Democrat.




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Terrorists, please consider Boca

The first town any terrorist should consider when contemplating an attack on the  Boca Raton. It is a town in South Florida which translates to rats mouth. The original named in ancient maps “Boca de Ratones” referred to a ocean inlet in nautical terms.

Mouth of rats is aptly named. I lived right next to this city and had the displeasure of having to deal with some of its citizens. You see it is a city of Palm Beach wannabees and transplanted angry Northerners. They are very well off but not rich enough to live in Palm Beach, but act like they do. Most are arrogant, cantankerous, combative and self entitled hemorrhoids. You know the type, they try to cut you off in shopping carts at the grocery store, movie lines or in a parking lot and they have no shame in doing so.

Most of the elderly ones have handicap placards in their luxury cars. When you see them get out of their cars the only thing wrong with them is they want to park close to the mall entrance so their plastic surgery doesn’t wilt in the Florida sun. At last count there were 554 listings in the yellow pages related to “plastic surgeons” in Boca. Fivehundredand fuckingfiftyfour!

There are probably more nail salons and beauty parlors per capita than Beverly Hills there.

I like the younger set coming up in their ranks. I see them driving BMW’s, Mercedes, Audis that are obviously leased. The tires on their cars are bald as Patrick Stewart because they cant afford the fancy apartment, the fancy car lease and the expensive tires on their car. I used to work next to a used tire shop and you would see them buying used tires for a $75,000 car.  It’s all show while they live beyond their means.

When I was single and did the occasional foray in Boca nightclubs invariably every woman would ask what you did for a living before they asked anything else. Sometimes I would fuck with them and say I was a doctor. Some of them their eyes dilated and on one case when I said I was a doctor her nipples actually got hard. If I wanted to get rid of them I would say I was an disposal engineer. When the few asked what that was I said I worked driving a trash truck. They ran like they were heading to a sale at Macy’s basement in Herald Square.

They throw around “I live in Boca” like a badge of social status. Ironically the city boundaries only extend so far west from the coast so everything within earshot is Boca Burgers, Boca Nails, Boca Proctologist, ect, ect. even though it is in incorporated Palm Beach County. So the idiots say Boca but they don’t live in the actual city of Boca but they pay for the privilege.

The restaurants are overpriced and snobbish. The Boca Raton Resort & Club  which was intended as an oceanfront resort is neither on the ocean or a club since it had to buy a golf course seven miles north of the resort to qualify as a resort/club. Ironically the golf course is just outside of city limits, hilarious I know.

The exclusive communities that are a dime a dozen  have ostentatious entrances with water fountains, more foliage than the Amazon River and sweeping driveways leading to zero lot line homes that have been grossly overpaid for. With names like Park Harbour. Its America morons , it’s harbor. It’s not England. Restaurants with the word grille in the name, it’s America fools, it’s grill, look at a damm dictionary.

It appears that I have an axe to grind with Boca but not really, I enjoyed sitting at a bar watching plastic surgery filled grandmothers trying to pick up people half their age and grandpas wearing more jewelry than Joe Pesci in Goodfellas doing the same. Somehow grandpa would drop into the conversation that he was “connected” up North.

It would be a good place to start boys but there would be a lot of plastic surgeons relocating.

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$ENATOR Eric Cantor (R-VA) Represents Corporations Rather Than People

Jorge G:

thought I would repost since he took a job with Wall Street

Originally posted on sleepwalkingthrutheuniverse:

$enator Cantor of Virginia is the darling of the investment community.He is accused of being the champion of hedge funds, private equity firms, and real estate partnerships in their quest to keep tax codes the same as they are currently (which is quite favorable for them), so that they may continue to make vast profits (nothing wrong with profits in general) without paying enough taxes.You see the White House wants to make changes in the tax code to have those companies pay just a little bit more of their profits towards the tax revenues of our country. It is estimated that this would raise $20 BILLION dollars in revenue during the next ten years. For the past four years, $enator Cantor has taken the lead in fighting those changes. Coincidentally his Pacs have received nearly $2 million dollars in contributions from securities and investment firms and real estate companies…

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Crist & Scott, please vote

Upcoming November 2014 Gubernatorial  elections in Florida (the Twilight Zone of voting) are pitting two guys who if it was not for politics would be either in jail or flipping burgers at Mc Donald’s .

It is amazing that once again the old adage “the lesser of two evils” will play into this election.

Current governor Rick Scott has lately turned into Mr.Dole-out with funding for programs he and the legislature have defunded before. All of a sudden he is reducing tuition for certain college students. Adding some token funding for some social services. This is after gutting the budgets for these services, so it’s hypocritical to take credit for funding these projects on his current TV commercials when you cut the funding in the first place.He has weakened water protection for the Everglades, has refused $2.3 Billion in federal funding for a rapid rail project due to his ties to the Bush family ( see Texas Rangers ownership 1990’s), has refused Obamacare putting thousands of Floridians health at risk. Florida’s current health ranking is 33rd. It has steadily gone down since 2005 and even faster since Scott became governor.

This is also the man who pleaded the fifth 75 times and could not identify his own signature at the Medicare fraud trial of Columbia/HCA which he was the CEO of.

He was the co founder of Solantic, a company that was sued for hiring discrimination for not hiring elderly or obese candidates. The suit was settled out of court. Sadly this info was all known BEFORE  he ran for office and still got elected. I know, voters of Florida have either been lobotomized or they are just marking blindly.

The other evil is Charlie Crist (original family name : Christodoulos) who if he had a travel sticker for every office he has run for he would fill one side of his suitcase. This is a guy who was a Republican, who changed to Independent when it suited him then switched to Democrat to run this time. I predict if he loses this race he will change to Libertarian or even bring back the Whig party. This guy changes his mind more than someone who is bipolar.

But Charlie has lost more offices than he has gained. he lost to Senator Bob Graham in 1998. He lost a Republican nomination Senate race to Marco Rubio in 2010. Then switched to Independent and lost to Rubio again in the general election.

He has flipped flopped on abortion, oil drilling off Florida’s coast and same sex marriages, been against em’, been for em’. Guess best to look on his website for updates. Maybe they should have a timer or update on his website to see how he feels on that day.

Charlie’s take on abortions today is…………………………….*

Same sex marriage is…………………………………………………*

Oil drilling is…………………………………………………………….*

*subject to change by tomorrow.

On the good Charlie is an environmental advocate, has endorsed and supported autism disorder coverage, expanded insurance coverage for low income families while Governor. Supported increased regulations of insurance companies doing business in Florida.

Ironically the best person running for Governor of Florida  was Nan Rich who had a clean slate, good record of public service, seems like a decent lady and of course got trounced in the Democratic primary race by Charlie.

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Cruz & Perry…………..Abbott & Costello?

Freshly minted from a Koch brothers organized love fest in Dallas, Ted Cruz & Rick Perry emerged as the future of their party.

Really? Is this the best the Grey Old Party can do?  A governor who makes George W look like a Rhodes Scholar and a Canadian/Cuban  who thinks he can has the right to talk about immigration,  is the most self aggrandizing  politician in our generation and probably spends more time in front of the mirror than Kim Kardashian.

Of course what they are trying to do is to make themselves pretty to the Tea party. Cruz promises to hold the line for amnesty for immigrants who entered the country illegally, Interesting coming from a guy born in Canada.

The only people allowed to talk about immigration are American Indians, no one else. Just think of some of the last names of third generation Americans: Sanchez, Rizzoli, Brudcinski, Yablonski, Eichmann, Dibacco. The point is these third generations had someone come to America before them to start here. Sure most of their ancestors came over legally, but how many didn’t?

And immigrants make up a large portion of our service industry. The grunt work, the yard work, the dirty nasty jobs no one wants to do. If illegals were not allowed to stay and work the economies of California, Florida, Texas and New York would collapse.

So I am not advocating allowing illegal immigration but if they want a shot a citizenship and are willing to pay taxes and contribute like the rest of us, give them an opportunity. The Statute of Liberty was gifted to us by France for a reason.

Back to the Rhodes Scholar who actually said at this summit: ” We need to make Washington as inconsequential in our lives as we can. In Texas we actually do pretty well without Washington’s advise.”

Let’s look at how well they are doing in Texas without said advice. Texas ranks 50th in high school graduation rates. Last in voter turnout. Second in percentage of uninsured kids. But wait! They did come in first in amount of carbon emissions and first or last depending on how you see it in number of voter turnout (they have the fewest).

Fourth in number of women living in poverty, 47th in SAT scores

. So Guvnor’ Perry is living in a vacuum or has his head in the sand or just doesn’t count past ten.

So sure bring on these two stalwarts of honesty, mental gymnastics and humbleness, it will make the Democrats job easy to defeat Abbott & Costello in 2016.


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