Bernie media bias

In yesterday’s Indiana primary all the cable channels could talk about was Trump,Trump,Trump. hardly a mention of Bernie’s upset of Hillary.

In fact the day before the Indiana primary in a Associated Press article by Thomas Beaumont and Steve Peoples here is what they wrote about Bernie: New signs emerged that front-runner Hillary Clinton’s rival is fading as well. They don’t mention said signs. Imagine that! How did they get these signs? Tea leaves? Coconut shells? Signals from outer space? The lady psychic from New Jersey?

Furthermore the two Woodward and Bernstein wannabees wrote: His total of $25.8 million raised last month is a marked decline from the $46 million collected in March. Collecting $25.8 in one month is not chopped liver my friends considering they are small donations from regular folks, not Super PACS or shady PACS.

They also wrote: Polls suggest a tight race. Bernie not only upset Brunhilda but not even close, with at least a 6% margin. I hope CNN does not come out with a headline saying: “BERNIE SURVIVES DEVASTATING WIN IN INDIANA”

It’s evident that Bernie is not a sexy or polarizing candidate so the cable channels and news outlets deep in their hearts do not want him to beat Hillary. Trump gets people worked up with his bombastic diatribes and Hillary is polarizing so they have a better “Q” rating than plain soft spoken Bernie.

The western states are coming soon, I think Bernie will do better than the so called “experts” call it.

The headline in the Palm Beach Post this morning was “Trump ousts Cruz” No headline about Bernie’s upset.Imagine that!




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Super Tuesday 4/26 or fear and loathing in the Northeast

So the Donald takes all five states even after the misguided collaboration between John “I need a personality transfusion” Kasich and Ted ” why doesn’t anyone like me” Cruz that they tried this week.

It was a backdoor deal to split delegates in upcoming states between them. It did smell of desperation and panic. The problem is in spite of winning some states Cruz couldn’t get elected in a whorehouse if he was holding fistfuls of Benjamins. He is smarmy, self aggrandizing, obnoxious and self serving. And those are his good qualities.

Kasich speaks well, has tried to stay above the muck but has the appeal of wet paint. Now I am not a Donald fan. At first I liked a businessman running for the highest office in the land  but he lends or licenses his name to deals like Trump U, Trump steaks, Trump vodka without doing due diligence on the people running these companies. I am surprised there’s not Trump Condoms with tag lines of They’re HUGE, You’ve never felt more fantastic, They are Incredible!

And I know he used the “system” in place for bankruptcies but how successful are you if you have filed at least four times for that? Why is Trump U being sued? Come on Donald, if it has your name on it make sure it is legit and the “best” as you always boast you blowhard.

Cruz is so transparent that he came dead last today in the Northeast. Even Kasich got more votes than he did. Looks like he will not get any delegates in the Northeast. Even the touted evangelical/conservative voters voted overwhelmingly for  Trump. I hope Ted gets the message, he is like the unpopular kid in High School who tried and tried to get into the cool/popular crowd and was rebuffed over and over but he would not go away.

This is at the same time the most interesting political race in a long time as well as being the most stomach wrenching. Looking forward to the GOP convention, it will have more twists, turns and skullduggery than a John Le Carre’ novel.

As far as the Dems go, Hillary’s machine is in full mode but Bernie wont go away like a bad rash. Hillary is full of platitudes and sob stories. Bernie offers solutions. Solutions that cant be paid for but solutions. Hillary is for fracking and fossil fuels and Bernie is not. Hillary will “fight for you” but offers no solutions

Looking forward to the conventions and November, no matter who wins it will be a seminal moment in American politics. Too bad HST isn’t around to report on it.






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GOP versus Donald Trump

Well kids its official: the Grey Old Party has panicked at the results The Donald has accomplished on Super Tuesday.He won seven states handily and the GOP’s anointed future: Ted “No one likes me in Washington” Cruz and Marco “Koch Brothers puppet” Rubio did not do well.

What is mind boggling is that The Donald is a sure lock to win the GOP clown car nomination and the party wants nothing to do with him because he is his own man and he wont listen to the party, he wont do what they want and he wont jackboot in step with the RNC’s program.

The GOP rolled out Mitt “stiff as a board” Romney to denigrate The Donald. Mitt, a man who cant curse because of his religion and in a street fight wouldn’t last one minute. The Donald is a proven street-fighter growing up in the dog eat dog business world of New York, he will piss on Mitt’s shoes, kick him in the ass and make him cry “uncle”.

Sure he is boorish, misogynistic, uncouth,anti immigrant, buffoonish and has a poor track record of failed or sued businesses but The Donald  has hit a nerve in that he is actually saying things out loud that a lot of people think. He is not “politically correct” he does not act like a politician which is refreshing and he is the only true “outsider” in either race. He is beholden to no super PAC or money men.Cruz and Sanders act like they are outsiders but they are not. Sure he talks more shit than a junkie on an eight-ball but people like what he says and more importantly how he says it. He is going to be the “Ugly American” half the world is going to shun him but I am sure he will tell that half to kiss his ass.

The GOP doesn’t realize they are playing right into The Donald’s plan. If they try to block him or broker the convention he will have more sympathy on his side and he will come out swinging that he is fighting the “establishment”. If they succeed in blocking his nomination, he will go independent and the GOP will not have a leg to stand on let alone a viable candidate. Cruz? Rubio? Kasich? Larry? Moe? Curly? come on these guys would put a crack addict to sleep.

This will change politics for a long time, its roll up your sleeves and slug it out from now on, no gentlemanly discourse, no class, it will be like a WWE steel cage match. The clown car is skidding on thin ice and heading towards the abyss. And if you are thinking, no I wont vote for him.                                                                                                                                        HST.

Yours truly from Florida.


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Dear Donald

As promised I am devoting this space just for The Donald. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Captain of Industry, successful real estate mogul, brand promoter, aggressive developer, shameless self promoter, no nonsense attitude, speaks his mind, reality television star, serial adulterer, blowhard,  bankruptcy king,panderer ( I know, what politician isn’t?)Please feel free to add anything that you think I might have missed. Racist? Misogynist? Opportunist? Bully?

When I first heard he proposed his candidacy I was excited to have a no nonsense businessman running. I thought it was what we needed. After hearing some of the ugly things coming out of his his mouth I wondered if the GOP had actually vetted this guy.

He actually fits in to the new GOP that has morphed in the last eight years. Against immigrants,  for tax breaks to the rich, screw the middle class and step on the poor, homeless and disenfranchised. Climate change is not even in the GOP playbook.

Some conspiracy nuts think the Donald is a plot from the Clinton’s and the Illuminati to hand the presidency to Queen Hillary, I know, sounds outrageous doesn’t it?

I’ve met the Donald once at a charity event at Mar A Lago a few years back. We happened to be in the men’s room at the same time and when we came out of there  a volunteer was waiting for him because there was a problem with the seating on the stage.

He raked this lady over the coals over something minor, had her in tears. I though then he was an blowhard, now I am sure of it. If he gets elected which I doubt, will he become “The Ugly American” blustering, swinging his dick all over the world talking bullshit and alienating our allies?

If he thinks he can take on Putin, he is an amateur compared to that guy.

Interestingly enough he lost the Iowa caucus recently after crowing that he was going to win in a landslide. Then crying like a schoolgirl when he came in second. Ah politics, what would the pundits do without it.

All comedians must be lighting novenas daily to keep the Donald in the race, easy pickings for the jokes if you ask me.

in memory of HST




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Dear Marco & Ted (Rafael)

Let’s start by admitting that I am a Cuban-American. I was sent here by my parents along with my sister in 1962 to escape the Castro regimes’ takeover of what once was a beautiful tropical paradise. I was six years old and my sister was eight.

We grew up and were raised by our aunts and uncles in the new capitol of Cuba, Miami,Florida.

I would not vote for either one of these demagogues if my life depended on it. A lot of my friends and customers that know my heritage ask me if I am voting for either one of these clowns and they are surprised when I say what I just wrote at the beginning of this paragraph.

Here are my issues: Ted must be ashamed of his Cuban heritage because he uses that name instead of his given name, Rafael. He panders to the right wing nuts, tea baggers and ultra conservative loonies in the dysfunctional state of Texas. He acts like a outsider when the truth could not be further from it.

He had no problem shutting down the government when it was convenient for him to make a grandstanding play. He solved nothing, didn’t proffer an alternative solution,  voted to cut assistance to the elderly, homeless and what really frosts my ass: veterans.

He is a self serving, aggrandizing, smarmy, demagogue, other than that he is a credit to the human race. I would vote for Trump rather than vote for “Ted”.And Trump is a major blowhard.

And lets not bring up the Canadian birth thing. It appears that the right wing nuts that were harping ad nauseam about Obama’s birth certificate are suddenly silent about “Rafael’s” birthplace.

Marco on the other hand is a shape shifter who changes his views depending on where the wind is blowing. He’s for immigration and then he is not. He is running on the scare the pants off people platform. He says America is headed in the wrong direction, gloom and doom and of course he will fix it by making the military stronger…..? Really ? that will fix everything?  He says he will go in and destroy ISIS, he wont personally, he will send more young Americans to die, that plan has not worked.

Ted voted against Obamacare but needs it for his family, what irony. Marco never fails to mention his immigrant parents but is dead set against bringing them in unless a lengthy vetting is done. If this is the best the Grey Old Party can do expect to see a democrat in the White House after the elections.

Trump, I’ll tackle on separate blog, he needs one all by himself








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Not in 2016 please ! after coffee

Well kids I’ve had my coffee, we are three weeks in 2016 and its looking mighty odd already.

Another Kardashian ( Khloe) has admitted to creating a  sex tape.  Don’t these girls know when to hire a P.R. firm instead of making sex tapes? This is the one that’s married to the drug addicted whore mongering basketball player who by the way is not being charged for his drug-fueled coma inducing sexcapade at a Nevada brothel. If any of us did the same thing we would be locked up in an instant and Baker Acted.

Hillary is in bed with the big banks, big business and Wall Street, maybe she is getting back at Bill for stogie gate. She has to be busier that a hooker on Times Square. This leaves Bernie Sanders as the lone wolf in the Democratic party. He is a good clean honest man so the chances of him winning are poor. Once big business turns their attention to him, lookout. They wont find anything dirty on him except of course: socialist member which they will twist into the word communist in a New York minute.

Caitlyn Jenner is still in the news unfortunately. He/she now wants to date men. In her television show’s upcoming season she admits she wants to date men. Two things: At last report she had done nothing about her privates so lets assume she still has a penis. So unless she goes on a date with someone who lives desolately without cable t.v. newspapers or radio, what man wants to date a broad with a dick? Number two: Caitlyn darling you are ugly. Shoulders like a linebacker, huge hands and a face that would stop traffic. Is she going on Tinder? would like to see THAT profile. Again I commend her for her courage to do what she did but make up your mind man ………sorry, girl.

Donald Trump is not going anywhere fast. He is currently leading in Iowa over two Cuban Americans who are nipping at his heels like Chihuahuas. Rubio and Cruz are odd birds even for the dysfunctional family known as the GOP. One is loathed by a large amount of people due to his smarmy nature, self aggrandizement, pompous attitude, righteous indignation and bloated sense of self (Cruz). The other is also smarmy but in a boyish kind of way.He’s the type a Grandmother would grab and squeeze his cheeks and kiss him but he knows that’s who he is and he would take advantage of it. His obsession with power oozes out of his pores (Rubio). Cruz is backed by the Tea baggers and crazies, Rubio is backed by the dark side: the Koch brothers.

The GOP does not want Trump to win because that will give the Dems the Presidential election in 2016 so they have to figure a way to stop him without looking like fools, incompetent or guilty of something. They have lots of experience in those things. So do they do a character assassination? Leak information about skeletons in closet? If Trump has not turned off the GOP electorate by now with the incredibly classless, ignorant, racist and misogynist remarks it will take a lot to assassinate the Donald. Unfortunately Trump has brought Sarah Palin onto his campaign. Putting her in front of a microphone  and cameras is like giving a junkie the keys to the pharmacy. She was incoherent with excitement about two minutes into her stump speech, you’d think she’d done an eight-ball before she took the stage.

So a lot of the folks I wanted to see less of in 2016 are going stronger than ever. It’s going to be a long year, pass the peyote.





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Not in 2016 please !

Here are some things that I pray and hope stay in 2015, if you are offended oh well write your own blog.

Anything Kardashian in the press I hope will be tied to a charitable event. I am tired of the attention grabbing family. I don’t want to hear about drug fueled binges, sex changes or sex tapes, this whole family is toxic and the fascination with them is mind boggling. They are a pox on humanity. And by the way I have no problem with what Bruce Jenner did, I don’t think he/she deserves “person” of the year for that though.

Millenials need to put on their big boy pants. No quiet rooms in college, no coddling. The burping and breast feeding is over kiddies, butch it up, it’s a real world out there. Heard the term rat race or dog eat dog? well its real, toughen up or you will get run over. Grow a pair.

Politics, wow I could go on forever. Hope Democrats grow some balls or in case its Hillary some ovaries although I really question what she has above those cankles. They need to stop being ashamed of being liberal and own it and beat the Gray Old Party  over their gray heads about the incestuous relationships they have with big bank, big business and big oil. Look I am a capitalist, I own my own business but “greed is not good” and the 1% is only looking out for themselves.

Donald Trump the blowhard, ugly American, bankruptcy king businessman will win the GOP nomination unless the GOP power brokers have him killed or they get videos of him banging his Mexican maid. They know his win will guarantee a Democratic victory in November. He is everywhere, he’s on CNN more than an Oxy Clean commercial.CNN might as well do a reality show about his campaign which brings us to……….

I keep saying to the Mrs. what will reality TV do next? Well this year there will be a show about Down Syndrome teens. I hope we don’t see Pioneer Proctologist, Beverly Hills Gynecologist or Transvestite Dentist anytime soon. The fascination with morons, inbreds, hoarders, addicts and anyone in dire straits is mind boggling, see Kardashian reference above. Guess its the reason Nascar is so popular, everyone is waiting for the wreck.

My generation did not don body armor, helmets or Kevlar suits to go ride a bike or play outside and we turned out okay. The current generation is raising a bunch of pansies. I am tired of seeing kids out playing having so much shit on that they look like a hockey goalie. Toughen up, its a rough world out there.

Cops, love you , need you, 99% of you are great but…………guns are like a penis, only whip it out and use it when you really have to. There have been too many unnecessary shootings in 2015. And on the other side people when a cop says stop……..stop. When a cop says put your hands up, do so. When a cop attempts to pull you over, do so, if you take off you are risking getting shot at. If you disrespect a cop and don’t follow orders you are looking for trouble.

People I would like to see and hear less from in 2016

Sarah Palin

any Kardashian including Jenner

Donald Trump ( I know that wont happen)

Dr.Phil, a parasite taking advantage of dysfunctional families.

Nancy Grace (the breathless hyperventilating is over the top)

Bill Cosby, talk about Karma taking its sweet time !

George W & Dick Cheney, architects of the missing weapons of mass destruction war.

Richard Simmons, not that he’s around much but its time to retire those hot pants.

Al Sharpton, two words you fucking liar and instigator: Tawana Brawley

Steve Harvey, you’re overexposed, go back to stand up.

Probably more to follow once I have more coffee this first day of 2016.

Happy friggin New Year











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